Minolta XE-7

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Minolta XE-7
Manufactured1974 - 1977
BatteryPX625 1.35V Needed for metering only.
Fully MechanicalNo
ShutterBulb + 4s-1/1000 (stepless in Auto mode)
ISO12 - 3200
Fully ManualYes.
Aperture PriorityYes
Shutter PriorityNo
Fully AutoNo
NotesPerhaps the most famous thing about the XE-7 (XE in Japan & XE-1 in Europe) is that as a result of a partnership between Ernst Leitz GmbH & Monolta the XE-7 became the predecessor to the Leica R3 including the custom Copal CLS vertically traveling focal plane shutter. Some other interesting features are that in Auto mode the shutter speeds are stepless. It’s an extremely well built (if somewhat heavy) camera. A 60’s build with 80’s electronics! One of the most interesting and best minolta cameras.