Nikomat FTN

Nikomat (Japan) or Nikkormat (US) cameras were made by Nippon Kogaku K.K. the same company that made Nikon 1965 & 1978. They were designed to be cheaper consumer versions of the Nikon F professional cameras. Time has shown them to be equally well made & robust! There were 2 series, the FT (All mechanical) and the EL (Electromechanical). The EL cameras are not recommended if you are looking for one of these cameras today as the required electronics are now over 50 years old. The Mechanical ones though are extremely reliable with the FTN model (1967 - 1975) produced in the greatest numbers.

Nikomat FTN
Nikomat / Nikkormat FTN
Manufactured1967 - 1975
BatteryPX675 (For the Light Meter Only)
Fully MechanicalYes
ShutterBulb + 1s-1/1000
ISO12 - 1600
Fully ManualYes.
Aperture PriorityNo
Shutter PriorityNo
Fully AutoNo
NotesThe FTN had the longest production run of any Nikomat from 1967 to 1975. It improved on the original FT and it’s successor the FT2 was very similar indeed except that it used a standard 1.5V SR44 battery rather than the PX675 1.35V mercury battery. The light meter electronics were also very reliable and it’s not hard to find these cameras today with working light meters.