Olympus 35SP

Olympus 35SP
Olympus 35SP
TypeRangefinder Fixed Lens
Manufactured1969 - 1976 (This camera has a date stamp behing the pressure plate of SOX this would translate to October 1980
BatteryPX625 Needed for metering only.
Fully MechanicalYes
ShutterBulb + 1s-1/500
Apperture1:1.7-16 Manual Mode 1:1.7-22 Auto mode
ISO25 - 800
Fully ManualYes.
Aperture PriorityNo
Shutter PriorityNo
Fully AutoYes
NotesFamous for its dual metering system of center-weighted average & spot metering. Some say it was the best Rangefinder ever made. Certainly one of the best!

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