".... A camera maker that simply copies others' idea has no right to call itself an original maker in the first place."

Yoshihisa Maitani, creator of the Olympus OM system.

Olympus OM10
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Olympus OM10
Manufactured1979 - 1987 (This camera has a date stamp behind the pressure plate of EIY this would translate to November 1981)
BatteryLR44 The camera will not operate without a battery.
Fully MechanicalNo
ShutterBulb + 1s - 1/1000
ISO25 - 1600
Fully ManualNo, unless an additional adapter was purchased (seen on this camera).
Aperture PriorityYes
Shutter PriorityNo
Fully AutoNo
NotesThe OM10 was introduced in 1979 as a cheaper alternative to the professional OM single digit cameras. They could accept all OM system lenses. The OM10 ia an aperture priority camera, the user picks the aperture and the camera picks the appropriate shutter speed. A manual adapter accessory (seen on this camera) could be purchased to allow full manual control of both shutter and aperture. It's a fun and easy camera to use, though you loose some of the control that you have with an OM1 you gain speed and simplicity. There are times when I'll choose to take my OM10 with me rather than my OM1. The biggest

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