Olympus Quick Flash AFL

A working model is now as rare as hen's teeth!

Olympus Quick Flash AFL.
Olympus Quick Flash AFL
TypeAutofocus Point & Shoot
Manufactured1983 - 1984?
BatteryFactory installed 6V lithium
Fully MechanicalNo
Shutter1/8th - 1/500th
LensOlympus Zuiko F2.8 38mm
ISO50 - 1000
Fully ManualNo
Aperture PriorityNo
Shutter PriorityNo
Fully AutoYes
NotesOlympus Quick Flash AFL. The first Olympus Auto Focus Point Shoot Camera was the Olympus AFL introduced in 1983. It’s reported to have the same F2.8 lens as the ground breaking Olympus XA introduced in 1979. The camera became a favorite of Andy Warhol and was nicknamed "Picasso" derived from the Japanese word for flash “Pika”. The camera had one huge flaw though, a hard wired battery that you had to send back to Olympus to be replaced. Olympus first thought these batteries would last 10 years in reality they lasted about 3! Consequently there are thousands of these cameras in near mint condition that were never used again after the first battery died!

Getting these cameras to work again though seems to be near impossible but I had to give it a try. There are instructions online of alternate batteries that can be used. But few people are successful! I’m now at the stage where a lot of other people have also failed. I disconnected & removed the old battery (mine was a 1984 original) then temporarily connected a 6V Duracell 223 lithium. I can get the camera to fire up and work but the only way it will wind on the film is to disconnect & reconnect the battery after each shot! If anyone knows a solution for this I’d love to hear it! It’s been reported by many who did the same thing but I’ve never seen a fix reported! My hope is to eventually be able to put a roll of film through this camera!