Pentax LX

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Pentax LX
Manufactured1980 - 2001
BatterySR44 Needed & speeds below 1/75th.
Fully MechanicalYes with speeds 1/75th & above
ShutterBulb + 4s-1/2000
ISO6 - 3200
Fully ManualYes.
Aperture PriorityYes
Shutter PriorityYes
Fully AutoNo
NotesReleased in 1980 the Pentax LX was the only profetional grade camera that Pentax ever released. It's small size, rugged build and weather proofing lead some to say it was the best 35mm camera ever made! It certainly had a long run of 21 years in production. During that time it's functions and apearance changed very little on the outside. There were several major changes inside the camera over that time tough and the parts used were often not compatible with older or younger versions of the camera. This can make servicing an LX more difficult if replacement parts have to be found. It's a wondeful camera though personally I prefer using the MX.