Vivitar Wide & Slim

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"Even more basic than a Holga"! Cameras don't get much simpler than the Vivitar "Wide & Slim"! All plastic with a fixed F11 plastic lens and a fixed shutter speed of 125. Cameras don't get much simpler, lighter, or poorly made than the Vivitar Wide & Slim. Made some time in the mid 90s somewhere in Asia by the Chinese manufacturer Sunpet. It was branded and sold by Vivitar. In the US I read that they sold for $19.99 and they probably cost about $1.50 to make! they are so poorly made that it's recommended not to use greater than 24 exposure rolls in the camera as it can beak the winding leaver.

Then thanks to the internet and a film camera revival the camera became a cult hit and sought after, mainly because of it's unusual 22mm wide plastic lens that sets it apart from most other cameras. The cameras now go for between 50-100 dollars on eBay! In a cruel irony another camera made in the mid 90's the Nikon 90s which cost over $1000.00 new at that time can now also be had in perfect working order for 50-100 dollars! I feel obligated to add that I got my Wide & Slim for $30.00 along with three rolls of film because the seller didn't list it as a wide & slim on eBay and so didn't attract attention and I was just lucky enough to stumble across it!