Walkabout Film Blog 2022

Some random thoughts & observations from my adventures in film photography.

FPP Ultra Blue

2022/01/05: I purchased a few rolls of this "new" release from the Film Photography Project! As usual it's tough to know exactly what it is! FPP says this about the film: "This special film is a Estar emulsion lab film that's intended for making contact prints in motion picture post production. When using in your 35mm camera to shoot pictorials, this film will produce a film negative and soft, blue/violet colors". One reddit reference says it may be Kodak Vision 2383. Either way I was a sucker for a few rolls!

Konica Centuria 400

2022/01/15: I picked up some more expired Konica Centuria. It's also 2007 Vintage but may behave quite differently to my other batch!

Untitled photo

The Vivitar Wide & Slim.